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Learnify embraces
your users, administrators,
content creators,
and business

Choosing the right solution for your eLearning
or engagement initiative

When it comes to choosing and implementing a new system, there are many considerations to take into account; cost, features, integration; and so on.

In the past, virtually all solutions focused on administrator features and functionality, however, these days there is a significant push to make solutions user-centric

At Learnify, we take a different approach; and as we see it, there are four key stakeholder groups that are equally as important in the choosing, implementation and ongoing use of such a solution. They are: the users, the system 'owner(s)'/administrator(s), the content creators, and the business (including procurement, HR and IT). As such Learnify is mindful of each stakeholder group as explained below...

Learnify User-Centric


For your users, Learnify is an emersive eLearning and engagement experience that…


…delivers tailored content and resources that will empower and motivate


…is an open platform which allows content to
be easily searched and selected

Grea_tools_for_learners_orange copy.png

…provides practical tools to help organise and manage the available content


…connects colleagues/peers with entertaining
and social experiences

User-Centric Environment


The user environment is where it's at. It's a responsive, feature-rich, intuitive-to-use space that provides a wealth of information and resources, which are easily accessed.

Interact with the gallery below to see Learnify's user environment.


The landing page

Customisable landing / home page

Intuitive navigation to all areas of the application

Access to useful tools

User-Centric Tools


Supporting the user is a collection of tools that have been provided to assist the modern, information-hungry user who wants reliable information on demand.


Bookmark content for easy recall

Content can be bookmarked or added to user playlists

All bookmarks are saved in a tool called ‘My bookmarks’

Users can manage their saved bookmarks

Learnify Business-Centric


For your business, Learnify is a highly customisable solution that…

right content.png

…will deliver the right engagement content to the right users

smart people.png

…will help make your smart people
even smarter


Saves time n money.png

…will save both time and money to deliver amazing and engaging content


…delivers success; to your users,
to your objectives,

to your goals

Business-Centric Highly customisable environment


Different engagement initiatives will have different requirements, that's a given. That's why virtually all of Learnify's features can be switched on or off with ease; without the need for programmers, or understanding programming code. What's more, the entire user environment can be white-labelled, including your branding, colour pallet, imagery and icons. This truly means you'll be able to deliver your content, your way!

Cust Brand.png


Cust Colour.png

Colour scheme

Cust imagery.png


Cust icons.png


Cust features.png


Cust text.png



Business-Centric Deliver MOOR with Learnify


One of the buzz-phrases that is bouncing around the learning community at the moment is 'Massive Open Online Courses (or, MOOC). With Learnify we simply want to give you MOOR (or, Massive Open Online Resources). When deployed in the right way, Learnify will support the widest range of engagement strategies. 

Business-Centric Learnify delivers on informal information and social engagement and learning channels


Research and trends indicate that users of digital information channels like to find information and learning quickly and, in a variety of ways. 


Share functionality 
Learnify allows users to share specific content they have just viewed with their colleagues 
via share link/email


YouTube-style channel

Integrated video channel where informal learning videos can be uploaded by administrators


Integrated glossary

System-wide glossary where all those terms that are important to your learners can be fully explained in a ‘mini-wiki’


Powerful search system 

Allows users to quickly find training content




MOOC Platform

 Learnify is MOOC-enabled, assign content to be freely available to browse, select and view


Library of resources
Include a wealth of resources or information designed to support



Blogging capability Let your experts blog about the knowledge that matters; encourage conversation and comments


Play & learn with our quiz-based engagement


Business-Centric Learnify is truly scalable


Whether you need to add more users, release your engagement initiative in different languages, or deploy it to different regions, Learnify is ready to go. 


Content & environment can
be deployed in
any language


Features can
be easily enabled
or disabled



Content can
be repurposed
with ease



Deploy new initiatives to new audiences

Business-Centric Protects your IP


Learnify is a cloud-based solution so all your content Intellectual Property (IP) is in your control, under one roof. 


Original content is not dispersed across third parties 

CC teams.png

Content creation can be supported by multiple parties

Version Control.png

Version control
for content development is optimised

Cloud data.png

All content is centrally stored, yet locally available

Learnify: Inspiring people to embrace knowledge.

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