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The one-stop solution for developing, delivering and managing incredible training pathways for your learners

Simple pricing

Learnify LMS is a truly versatile Learning Management System (LMS) that will deliver your eLearning objectives from a single end-to-end solution, no matter how many learners and learning initiatives you support.


Import SCORM and xAPI content or use the integrated content creator to build amazing online engagement experiences. Rollout simple, highly complex or somewhere in between training pathways for your learners, the choice is yours.


Watch the success build as you gather analytical insights on how your learners are responding to their training.

Some learner-centric highlights*

Easy to use

Clear and intuitive learning environment that learners will find simple to navigate and use throughout their learning journey

Searchable content

All content developed using  Learnify's content is open and fully searchable – perfect for the Google generation

Helpful tools

Notepad, scheduling function and playlist creator are just a few tools designed to enhance the Learning experience

Nothing to download

All your learners need is a modern (HTML5 compatible) browser and they are set to start their assigned learning content

Available as an App

Learnify is also available as an App that can be downloaded from the Apple App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) 

On-demand resources

Provide omnipresent learning resources or release supporting learning assets when specific milestones are acheived


Play quizzes and activities in single player mode, or, where appropriate play games in challenger mode

Track progress

Learners can easily see their achievements and access any supporting certificates and other awards

Social learning

Learning blogs and forums provide opportunities for learners to discuss topics with their peers and experts

Great support

The dynamic contact support system ensures the learner's query gets to the right person

*Features can be enabled as required allowing an enriched, bespoke solution for each learning initiative

Some LMS-centric highlights*


If you already have your eLearning in legacy format (SCORM or xAPI) you can import it into Learnify LMS with ease

Content creator

Learnify LMS is shipped with Learnify's content creator at no extra cost – see our page  'Content Creator' for more information

Highly scalable

With Learnify you can manage any number of learners across multiple learning initiatives from lots of countries

Collaborative solution

Learnify's content creator can be used by individuals or by teams that need to collaborate on projects

Localisation simplified

With Learnify LMS all your eLearning content is centrally stored which means it's readily available to translate, adapt and localise

Multiple initiatives

From a single instance of Learnify LMS you can deliver different learning initiatives to different audiences

Keep learners informed

Learnify LMS has powerful communication capabilities with an integrated HTML email design tool

Learning pathways

Create and manage exciting learning pathways that utilise a wide range of learning styles; bite-sized and continuous learning to name but a few

Fully white-labeled

Both the LMS and the learning environment can be white-labeled, where every eLearning initiative could have its own theme

A wealth of metrics

Learnify can deliver over 200 types of metrics with a vast array of reporting where you can gain real insight on learning pathways

*Features can be enabled as required allowing an enriched, bespoke solution for each learning initiative

Comprehensive customer support

Touchpoint assistance

To help you throughout the application you will see green info icons; interactive pop-ups will provide functionality definition, quick tips or step-by-step guidance.

Interactive manual

Learnify is fully documented with an evolving interactive training manual that is accessible throughout the application. It provides training, top-tips, examples and cool ideas.

Chat, email or phone

On those rare occasions when you don't find the answers you're looking for you can always use the instant chat, telephone the team or email our support ticket service.

Our content creator
doesn’t use FLASH!
And why is this

Adobe are pulling the plug on distributing the Flash player and support will stop during 2020. Many browsers are already blocking Flash player pop-ups, which can cause an adverse effect on the eLearning experience.

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