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Create dazzling eLearning modules and courses without compromise

Effortlessly, convert your training plan into engaging, interactive eLearning content with our intuitive content creator. Before you know it, you’ll be an eLearning guru, delivering amazing modules and courses for your learners.

Some highlights

WYSIWYG creation

Learnify's powerful What You See Is What You Get content creator lets you see content as it will be displayed for your learners

No software downloads

Always have the latest version of Learnify; all you need is an internet connection, a modern browser and you're all set

Multi-format export

Export your amazing eLearrning content as SCORM 1.2, xAPI, iFrame formats or save for  Learnify LMS

Single user or teams

Learnify's content creator can be used by individuals or by teams that need to collaborate on projects

Create lots of stuff

Create all kinds of online engagement including; modules, courses, quizzes, assessments, surveys and much more besides

Cloud storage

All your precious content is centrally stored on our encrypted cloud solution where you know your content will be safe

Manage content

Optimise work with custom templates and certificates. Repurpose content or make updates with ease

Engage learners

Bring content to life by adding engaging interactivity, activities, tasks, questions and other types of media

Comprehensive customer support

Touchpoint assistance

To help you throughout the application you will see orange info icons; interactive pop-ups will provide functionality definition, quick tips or step-by-step guidance.

Interactive manual

Learnify is fully documented with an evolving interactive training manual that is accessible throughout the application. It provides training, top-tips, examples and cool ideas.

Chat, email or phone

On those rare occasions when you don't find the answers you're looking for you can always use the instant chat, telephone the team or email our support ticket service.

Our content creator
doesn’t use FLASH!
And why is this

Adobe are pulling the plug on distributing the Flash player and support will stop during 2020. Many browsers are already blocking Flash player pop-ups, which can cause an adverse effect on the eLearning experience.

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